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2020-05-06 (水) 21:48:37
  • Activate the Red Crystal in Ward 13
  • Commander Ford said the Seven Founders of Ward 13 once used the red crystal to escape the atoll. Maybe I can use it to get there again.
  • The red crystal couldn't take me to the atoll, but it did take me to the hideout of Commander Ford's grandfather, one of Ward 13's founders. Ford said her grandfather devoted his life to stopping the Root. Maybe he has some answers.
  • Search the City for a Lead
  • I've found no sign of the Founder or any way to the atoll, but at least the red crystal got me out of Ward 13. Maybe I can find a lead out in the city.
  • Talk to the Twisted Woman in the Church
  • I found an old church with some twisted creature bound inside. She's trapped by the Root, yet she's... human. I think. I wonder if she can help me.
  • The Root Mother claims she can help me. She told me to meet her back at Ward 13. Except... how does she even know about Ward 13?
  • The Root Mother confirmed that the Founder can help me, but to find him, I need the Keeper of the Labyrinth. "Look to where light imitates water, reaching for the sun." She said that's where I'll find--or summon?--the Keeper's Tower.
  • The Tower
  • Investigate the Tower
  • Speak to The Keeper
  • The Keeper said I would find answers in the Labyrinth, but he wasn't much more helpful than that. I can only hope the Founder left some kind of breadcrumbs behind him.
  • I've been directed to find someone named Ezlan the Undying King. I don't know if he can tell me where the Founder is, but if he's a king, then at least he can direct me to someone who can. Ezlan lives in a citadel, in the canyons beyond something called the Black Sun Gate.
  • Open the Black Sun Gate
  • A decree posted to the Black Sun Gate states that only the strong can enter. Well, if defeating that harrowing abomination doesn't count as strong, I don't know what does. Let's see if this key does what I think it does.
  • Find the Beast of the Swamp
  • The Undying King won't help me unless I bring him the heart of a particular beast from this swamp. He didn't say how I would find the beast, but he didn't seem too concerned that I wouldn't.
  • I've taken the heart of the swamp beast like Ezlan wanted. I hope what he gives me in return is worth all this trouble.
  • I have the key that Ezlan waved in my face. I don't know where it goes exactly, but I'll bet my boots it's somewhere in the Labyrinth.
  • Ezlan said this key would take me where I "must" go. Well, I need it to take me to the Founder. The Labyrinth's full of doors, if I could just find the right one...
  • Find Ford's Trail in the Jungle
  • Ezlan's key brought me to some kind of jungle. Could this be where the Founder went? I have a feeling...
  • The Founder told me about a mirror locked away in the deep rooms of Ward 13. He said I could use it like a portal to finally reach the atoll--or Ward 17, as he called it.
  • Find an End to the Root
  • This is it. The atoll is where it all started, where my predecessor disappeared--the warrior who never came home. If the Root has a source, it's here. I have to find it and destroy it... somehow.
  • Final Battle

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