2020-07-08 (水) 20:54:09

A new update is available now for Remnant: From the Ashes! This update brings with it the all-new dungeon, Leto's Lab. Read up on the changes that came with it.

Build Number: 216106

Welcome to Leto's Lab!
DEVELOPER COMMENT: This all-new dungeon can be found dynamically in Ruined Earth within both the main campaign and Adventure Mode itself. Explore this hidden laboratory and discover the dark secrets of Dr. Leto Apostolakis experiments. Take a trip through Leto's Lab and see if you can brave the horrors lurking within.

Many collision fixes and tweaks
Dozens of updates and fixes for performance in Rhom
LOD fixes for performance
Dozens of animation updates
Removed many unused audio files for optimization
Removed duplicate foliage
DEVELOPER COMMENT: This time around, we made many changes behind the scenes to help improve performance across the game.

Fix for Soul Anchor disappearing from inventory
Fixed an UNREAL issue with VOIP causing crashes
Bleed effects no longer appear when shooting into clouds/mist
Enabled listen option when starting a game in offline mode and then switching to online
Fixed emitter for certain mud effects
Removed a key association for certain backtrack doors
Fixed a handful of typos
Fixed an issue causing certain values to be shown incorrectly
Added a fix for proper trait/achievement persistence
Fixed a rare case where the Wailing Wood would lose its weak spot
Added a fix for scenarios that caused infinite zone loads
DEVELOPER COMMENT: More bug fixes! Not much to say other than that we are always working on fixing as many bugs as we can between patches. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small, but they add up!

Added a check and notification to warn players of improper data and the option to reset it when detected
Added limited level classes to avoid getting overleveled gear in Adventure Mode and other people's games
Simulacrums can now drop in Adventure Mode
Dead Zone minimum can now be set to 0 for consoles
DEVELOPER COMMENT: There have been cases of player data (on PC) being corrupted online by "players of questionable intent". We've implemented the start of a system to help fix issues where data is affected and allowed people to avoid being stuck with altered data. We also fixed an oversight where Simulacrum wasn't dropping in Adventure Mode, reduced the minimum dead zone setting on console to 0, and also adjusted how pre-leveled gear drops and affects lower level players.

DEVELOPER COMMENT: In the interest of making more items viable, we've made a few small changes to a handful of them. These aren't meant to be gigantic changes that totally change how things work, but more of a nudge in the right direction. We have larger changes for items coming in a future patch!

Gravity Stone: Lowered the number of enemies in proximity requirement from 3 to 2
Gravity Stone: Increased the range from 8m to 10m
Gravity Stone: Reduced the damage increase from 25% to 20% to compensate for easier access to buff
Rock of Anguish: Reduced movement speed buff from 25% to 20%
Sagestone: Increased EXP bonus from 15% to 25%
Scavenger's Bauble: Increased scrap boost from 25% to 35%

Leto: Added Leto's Armor
Leto: Added belly flop AOE damage (equivalent to a Hammer swing)
Leto: Added unique / slower backdash
DEVELOPER COMMENT: Explore the mysteries of Leto's Lab to discover Leto's Armor, the heaviest armor set in the game. The oft-requested belly flop is now a reality (complete with AOE damage on landing).

Drifter: Increased the 1-pc Aim Walk Speed Buff from 25% to 50%
DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to make sure players felt the impact of the AIM speed buff... so we buffed it!

Flicker Cloak: Adjusted duration so that it did not last indefinitely (until broken)
Flicker Cloak: Adjusted total damage absorption amount
Flicker Cloak: Adjusted mod power buildup requirement
Flicker Cloak: Added text to explain that it prevents caster from being staggered
DEVELOPER COMMENT: This wasn't officially out yet, but some players had access by nefarious means. We've made adjustments to the "beta" Flicker Cloak to get it ready for release!

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just like with the small item tweaks, we made a couple of changes to Adrenaline and Frenzy Dust to make them a bit more appealing. For Frenzy Dust, we also wanted to better represent how it worked (and how it was meant to work). Players need to stand in the dust when it is cast to get the buff (how it has always been) and it goes away much quicker to represent that it isn't a constant aura that you can jump in and out of.

Adrenaline: Increased movement speed up from 10% to 15%
Adrenaline: Added 25% Aim Walk Speed Boost
Adrenaline: Duration increased from 30s to 45s
Frenzy Dust: Shortened the duration of the mist from 10s to 2s to make it more clear that it is a 1x buff and not an aura
Frenzy Dust: Fixed the buff to refresh when using another Frenzy Dust

Brought the Wasteland Goodboy some treats from Earth. He enjoyed them... quite a bit.
DEVELOPER COMMENT: Perhaps too much even...